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Tech-Skills, A Pandemic Necessity

COVID-19 threw a curve ball in 2020, but these effects will reverberate beyond 2020 and 2021. Now is the time for organizations to reflect on and embrace change informed by 2020s’ experiences.

The need for employees with technology skills grew out of a need to connect with donors, members, students, and patrons during a time with stay-at-home orders. Technology prowess is not typically a term you would use to describe the non-profit sector, but organizations successfully pivoted.

Carrying these technological lessons and values into 2021 and beyond will make organizations stronger and more resilient. Certain non-profit specialties serve to benefit more.

Human Resources

Supporting staff during a pandemic relies on all their training in employee management, empathy, and technological expertise. Setting up servers for remote file access, leading virtual interviews, and engaging remote staff are three trends have been met with positivity. Continuing these trends or creating a hybrid for the future will improve company culture.


Remote or hybrid-model teaching varies from school to school and changes day to day. Educators are the most flexible group of professionals served by Staffing Boutique, Inc. New and unfamiliar technology, such as virtual whiteboards and video chat, requires teachers of all calibers to rethink their teaching methods and curriculum. The lack of hands-on assignments challenges creativity of both educators, administrators and students. Continuous training on these new tools and methods will help educators be successful in the future.

Fundraising and Event Staff

According to the CCS Philanthropic Climate Survey, Edition IV COVID-19’s effect on fundraising was mixed. However, the same report found a clear answer regarding donor communication. 61% of surveyed non-profits held online fundraising events versus only 31% in June 2020, and even less before that. Hiring staff that exhibit technological skills will aid the creation of a successful and concise virtual program.

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