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Substitute Teaching in New York State

‌Thinking of starting your career in teaching? Here’s a complete guide to becoming a substitute teacher in New York.‌

With the recent workforce economy shift, a lot of professionals have been reflecting on their careers and exploring more ways to find professional growth, satisfaction, pay and flexibility outside of the corporate limitations. Whether you are a recent graduate interested in exploring a career in education, re-entering the workforce from a sabbatical, corporate burnout, caring for a loved one, etc, or are looking to transition out of the corporate setting, K-12 substitute teaching may be a good next step. Substitute teaching affords you the flexibility, meaning and a decent pay.   What do you need to be a substitute teacher? Unlike other states, New York has opened its qualifications to welcome more people into the profession. A degree or a certification is not required for you to be a substitute teacher for independent, private, and charter schools, additionally BOCEs with the exception of NYC public schools.   However, certified teachers have more benefits such as higher pay, no restrictions on service time etc. As well as being able to teach for any public schools in NYC. You can read more here. If you have a certification you can visit this website to find your records.   To get your certification visit: https://www.highered.nysed.gov/tcert/certificate/pathways. Now that we have that squared away, we can get to the most important requirement – background check. All New York schools require a criminal background check. Here’s how to complete your background check. Scheduling and preparing for your fingerprint appointment.
  1. Schedule your appointment through Identogo.
  2. You can use this locator to find a center near you.
  3. Provide all the information needed and follow the prompts to set up your appointmentand you can also make payment on the site.
  4. Use the code 14ZGR7 if prompted to enter a service code. Make sure to save theconfirmation email for your records.
  5. Check what documents you can provide here.
  6. At the appointment, make sure to bring the ID you provided when you signed up for theappointment.
  7. You will receive your fingerprint receipt at the conclusion of your appointment. You cancheck your submission status by clicking on this link.
Locating your records According to NYSED.gov, “No written notifications are made. If you are seeking clearance for employment in a school district, charter school or BOCES, the covered school can view the status in TEACH.”   The only time they will notify you is when your fingerprints are rejected. You will be provided of instructions to do your fingerprints again. Make sure that you have information accurately inputted.   If you would like to check the status of your fingerprints, create a TEACH account and the information below required to proceed.   Name – your name must be the name you used when you got fingerprinted. Birthdate Home address E-mail address United States Social Security Number If you would like to be a partner with us send your resume to resume@staffingboutique.org

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