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An Interview with Katie Warnock by Christine Cariño.

In the heart of every impactful organization is a leader with a vision. At Staffing Boutique, Inc. that leader is Katie Warnock, President and Founder. I sat down with Katie to delve into her story and the ethos behind Staffing Boutique, Inc. 


CC: Katie, could you share with us what initially sparked your interest in serving the nonprofit space?

Katie: Of course. It was by chance that I stumbled into the recruiting industry. When I graduated college I didn’t know anything about the recruiting industry. As many recent college grads do, I just sort of “fell” into it. I started my career doing financial services recruiting back in 2005, and realized pretty quickly that it wasn’t for me.

My next job was at a company that serviced only nonprofits – it was at that point that I fell in love with my career and the nonprofit sector. I didn’t know the nonprofit sector was an industry until I began recruiting for it, but as soon as I became aware, I made it the focus of my entire career. Since 2005, I’ve been recruiting ONLY for nonprofits, including Charter Schools.

CC:What was the catalyst that inspired you to start Staffing Boutique?

KW: Honestly, there wasn’t any one moment. Transitioning from financial services to nonprofits felt like a natural shift. The contrast in candidate dynamics was stark, but it always felt right—like I’d found my true calling.

CC:What inspired you to start Staffing Boutique?

KW: Ahhh. This question. The bottom line is – I’ve always prided myself on my work ethic and I always have. What I do isn’t rocket science and the basics of my job—listening, remembering, and building relationships—came naturally to me. I wanted to create a company that embraced these simple, yet powerful principles. And that’s exactly what I’ve done with Staffing Boutique, Inc., where we train our staff to embody the same ethos.

CC:How did your personal and professional experiences shape the vision and mission of Staffing Boutique?

KW: My mission has always been to provide seamless staffing solutions with the highest level of customer service—what I call the “boutique” experience. This personal touch is our standard at Staffing Boutique, Inc. 

Personally, it’s my passion for education reform that’s been the fuel in my work with charter schools, a sector I’m deeply committed to supporting and watching grow.I can’t believe how many wonderful schools I’ve helped grow along the way! I look forward to being able to service many more in the future. 

CC:What have been some of the most rewarding moments or achievements  for you since founding Staffing Boutique?

KW: There have been many, but obtaining the WBE certification for NYC, NY, and NJ was particularly challenging and rewarding. The most rewarding moments come when I’m able to help staff schools as they open and then watch them grow from one grade to twelve grades! It has been incredibly fulfilling.

CC: What has been the most challenging moment for you? 

One of the hardest times was March of 2020 when schools shut down and I laid off my staff. However, looking back – the move was extremely smart and I don’t regret it at all. Who knew what was going to happen? 

CC:Looking ahead, What impact do you hope to continue to make in the industry both in staffing agencies and nonprofits, through your work with Staffing Boutique?

KW: My aim is to champion the growth of woman-owned businesses and reintroduce the personalized touch to recruiting – countering the trend towards automation. I believe the best way to educate people about the careers that are possible within the nonprofit sector and charter school space is through listening, remembering and building relationships.

Forging ahead and building together.

Katie Warnock’s story is not just about professional success; it’s a narrative of aligning a personal mission with a professional one. Our conversation with Katie Warnock has made one thing crystal clear: at Staffing Boutique, Inc., we’re in the business of building more than just teams; we’re here to forge lasting partnerships that drive change. 

Katie and the rest of the Staffing Boutique team are committed to making meaningful work happen and forwarding your social impact missions. 

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